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Every single one of our 11,500 employees has a hand in us achieving our plan to Lead the Blue Revolution. We are always looking for ambitious, forward-thinking people who want to help us drive change, develop tomorrow’s technologies and safeguard the planet for future generations. Browse our huge range of worldwide opportunities below. Our job listings are regularly updated so if there’s nothing there for you today it’s worth checking back soon.

Vacancy Name Work Place Application Due
Assistant Farm Manager (Scalpay) Scotland, Isle of Skye 2023-04-02
Assisterende Driftsleder / Assistant Site Manager Ålesund kommune, Rogne 2023-04-09
Automatyk Maszyn Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2023-04-15
Breeding and Broodstock Technician Campbell River, BC Canada West 2023-04-10
Cleaner Fish Manager Scotland 2023-04-09
Comex assistant X Región, Puerto Montt 2023-03-31
Deckhand (Mowi Hunter) Scotland, Fort William 2023-04-09
Driftsleder / Site Manager Gildeskål kommune, Mulnesodden 2023-04-23
Driftsleder / Site Manager Vanylven kommune, Brudevik 2023-04-16
Driftsleder Kvingo / Site Manager Freshwater Kvingo Masfjorden kommune, Kvingo 2023-04-16
Driftsteknikere / Farm technician Gildeskål kommune, Langskjæran 2023-04-10
Driftsteknikere / Farm technician Dønna kommune, Breivika 2023-04-16
Driftsteknikere / Farm technician Alstahaug kommune 2023-04-10
Driftsteknikere / Farm technician Herøy og Dønna kommune 2023-04-10
Driftsteknikere/ Farm Technicians Hitra kommune 2023-04-09
Evaluacion online - Mowi Chile 2023-04-04
Farm Technician (Gorsten) Scotland, Fort William 2023-04-09
Finance Director St. George, NB 2023-04-30
Fiskehelsebiolog / Veterinær / Fish Health Biologist Ålesund, Ørsta eller Måløy 2023-04-09
Fiskehelseleder/ Fish Health Manager Alstahaug kommune 2023-04-23
Food Process Operators Scotland, Fort William 2023-12-31
HR Manager - Medley, FL Medley, FL 2023-04-01
Harvest Technician (Mallaig) Scotland, Mallaig 2023-04-02
Hatchery RAS Technician (Anglesey) Anglesey 2023-04-09
Hatchery Technician - Big Tree Creek Campbell River, BC Canada West 2023-03-31
Jr. PTP Specialist Gdańsk 2023-04-05
Koordynator ds. Bezpieczeństwa Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2023-04-05
Kvalitetskoordinator / Quality coordinator Trondheim, Hitra/ Frøya eller etter avtale 2023-04-02
Logistikkoordinator Gardermoen 2023-04-02
M3 Supply Chain Management Consultant Medley FL. Arlington TX. or Belfast ME. 2023-04-28
Magazynier Surowca Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2023-04-27
Manufacturing Controller Gdańsk 2023-04-23
Mechanik Maszyn i Urządzeń Lębork 2023-04-16
Open applications- Speculative- Ireland Ireland 2025-12-31
Operator produkcji Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2023-04-19
Operator/Operatør (Valsneset/Trøndelag) Valsneset, Ørland kommune 2023-04-23
Operatører / Operators Herøy kommune, Eggesbønes, Møre og Romsdal 2023-04-14
Product Manager Fresh Category Duninowo 39 2023-04-14
Product Manager Sushi Duninowo 39 2023-04-14
Prueba online 2023-03-31
Quality Controller Scotland, Rosyth 2023-04-07
Raw material procurement - サーモン原料調達エキスパート 〒104-0045 東京都 中央区 築地6丁目19番20号 ニチレイ東銀座ビル9階 2023-04-30
Sales rep - Japan, セールスプロフェショナル 日本/大阪 〒532-0003 大阪府大阪市淀川区宮原4丁目3番7号 MPR新大阪ビル6階 2023-04-30
Seawater Farm Manager ( Bantry Bay, Co. Cork) Bantry Bay, Co Cork. 2023-05-05
Seawater Operatives ( Co. Cork ) Castletownbere (Co. Cork) , Ireland 2023-04-28
Seawater Operatives ( Co. Kerry) Deenish ( Co. Kerry) 2023-04-28
Senior Accounting - Japan アカウンティング-日本 〒104-0045 東京都 中央区 築地6丁目19番20号 ニチレイ東銀座ビル9階 2023-04-30
Specialist Food Processing Apprentice Scotland, Fort William 2023-12-31
Specjalista ds. Kadr i Płac Duninowo 39 2023-04-14
Speculative Applications Scotland 2025-12-31
Sr. Account Manager Medley, FL 2023-04-28
Teamledere Operasjonssentral / Teamleaders Remote operations centre Bodø 2023-04-28
Technical Services Officer Rosyth 2023-04-30
Technolog ds. Obróbki Mechanicznej Metali Duninowo 39 2023-04-22
Transportplanlegger Brages Veg 12, 2060 Gardermoen 2023-04-02
¿Quieres ser parte de la Revolución Azul en Mowi Chile? / Open Application Chile 2023-12-29