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Mowi Feed

Our feed plants are located in Norway and Scotland.

We sell fish feeds in Norway, Scotland, Ireland and the Faroe Islands for production according to conventional and organic standards. Starting with feeds for salmon of 2-3g, we provide approximately 95% of the feed consumption of our sister businesses in Mowi Farming which is by far the largest single salmon producer in Europe. Additionally, we sell feeds for conventionally reared trout in both fresh and seawater production systems in the UK and for export into Europe.

Operations at Mowi Feed are centred around our state-of-the-art feed mills at Valsneset in Norway (opened in 2014) and Kyleakin in Scotland (opened in 2019). These purpose-built factories are specifically designed to produce high nutrient density feed for farmed fish including salmon and trout and are equipped with all the facilities that drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness in an environmentally conscious manner.

Mowi Feed is solely responsible for the whole feed development, manufacturing and sales process from: identifying nutrient requirements and raw material optimisation; through ingredient procurement, manufacturing and logistics; finance; and completing the process with customer support and gathering market intelligence. As such, we require in-depth knowledge of salmon nutrition, raw material evaluation, feed manufacturing technology; feed and food safety; process and logistics optimisation. We are an R&D driven business.

Our guiding principle for producing fish feed is that every single pellet must deliver 100% of what the fish needs, every day. Our aim, therefore, is to help our customers produce robust, sustainable, high-quality fish using the widest available spectrum of sustainable raw materials.

Mowi has been ranked the world’s most sustainable protein producer by the Coller FAIRR Initiative four years in a row (2019-2022). This index provides rankings based on critical environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and Mowi Feed and Mowi Feed lays down a significant part of the foundation upon which that recognition is built.