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Mowi Feed

Mowi Feed is the feed manufacturing division of Mowi Group. We sell fish feeds in Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands for production according to conventional and organic standards.

Operations at Mowi Feed are centered around our state-of the-art feed 
mills at Valsneset in Norway (opened in 2014) and Kyleakin in Scotland 
(opened in 2019). These purpose-built factories are specifically designed 
to produce high nutrient density feed for farmed fish including salmon and 
trout and are equipped with all the facilities that drive efficiency and cost-
effectiveness in an environmentally conscious manner.
We tailor our feeds to match the changing requirements of the fish 
throughout their lifecycle, across the seasons and in different production 
environments. This requires intimate knowledge of the changing nutrient requirements of the animal and its ability to utilize the ingredients in our 

We sell feeds for all lifecycle stages of salmon larger than 2-3g growing in 
fresh and seawater for production according to conventional and organic 
standards. Additionally, we sell feeds for conventionally reared trout in 
both fresh and seawater production systems in the UK and for export to 

Feed plants

Our feed factories are based at Valsneset, outside Trondheim in the middle of the Norwegian coastline, and Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Together, those feed factories produce a wide range of feed types for salmon and trout.

Both factories are built around state-of-the-art extrusion technology which allows pellet production with a high level of accuracy both in terms of nutritional composition as well as physical properties.

Mowi Feed is solely responsible for the whole feed development, manufacturing and sales process from identifying nutrient requirements and raw material optimization.

Through ingredient procurement, manufacturing and logistics; finance; and completing the process with customer support and gathering market intelligence. As such, we require in depth knowledge of salmon nutrition, raw material evaluation, feed manufacturing technology; feed and food safety; process and logistics 

Delivering feed to customers

Our feed mills are located to offer optimal logistics, taking into account both raw material deliveries and distribution to our customers. We can 
offer a wide range of possibilities, from bulk deliveries using our own vessels, to deliveries in bags either by sea or road transport. We also work with strategically located external warehouses and can combine deliveries and production from our mills in Norway and Scotland, to secure the best service for our customers.

Our customer support teams at our mills are specialists in logistics and are dedicated to finding the best solutions for every individual customer.

Focus on R&D

Focus on R&D

R&D at Mowi Feed is carried out by nearly 30 full-time employees. Trials are conducted at our field stations and the team seeks to make long-term recommendations for raw materials as to their commercial viability.

Our research on nutrition and formulation is complemented by work carried out by our Process Development and Quality teams who are responsible for both cost optimisation of the manufacturing process itself and adapting that process to make the best use of the innovations arising from our nutrition and feeding research.

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