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Board of Directors

Ole-Eirik Lerøy

Chairman of the board

Shares: 1.500.964

Alf-Helge Aarskog

Deputy chairman of the board

Shares: 338

Lisbet Nærø

CEO Fana Sparebank

Shares: 964

Cecilie Fredriksen

Frontline Corporate Services Ltd 

Shares: 964

Kristian Melhuus

Director of Seatankers Management Norway AS

Shares: 964

Solveig Strand

Managing Director, Strand Fiskeriselskap AS

Shares: 2.338

Bjarne Tellmann

Senior Vice President and General Counsel, GSK Consumer Healthcare

Shares: 902

Anders Sæther

Quality Manager, Mowi Norway Mid 

Shares: 914

Torill Grønning

Site technician, Rissa, Mowi Norway Mid

Shares: 969

Hans Jakob Lande

Production Manager, Eggesbønes, Mowi Norway Mid

Shares: 338

Group Management

Ivan Vindheim


Kristian Ellingsen


Øyvind Oaland

COO Farming Norway

Ben Hadfield

COO Farming Scotland and Ireland

Per-Roar Gjerde

COO Farming Americas and Faroes

Ola Brattvoll

COO Sales and Marketing

Atle Kvist

COO Feed

Catarina Martins

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer

Anne Lorgen Riise

Chief HR Officer