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Millennial salmon

Millennial salmon is a four-year project (2021-2024) funded by Research Council of Norway – KSPSAMARBEID20 (Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project) with world leading European organisations along the value chain of the salmon farming industry.

The partners within R&D, feed and raw material producers and a retailer, aim to create a knowledge-based sustainable salmon product that answers to modern Millennial principles of life, considering technoeconomic, animal welfare, environmental and societal aspects.

In the project Black Soldier Fly Larvae meal produced by Innovafeed and heterotrophic microalgae biomass produced by Corbion will be used, both suppliers operate with minimum land and resource use compared to competing alternatives.

Millennial salmon focuses on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the proposed solutions which will provide a comprehensive figure on climate impact of the new technologies.

The main goal is to allow sustainable future growth in the salmon farming industry without the need of further deforestation or compromising wild fish biodiversity.