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Oct 15, 2021

Mowi maintains #2 ranking in the Seafood Stewardship Index


The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) has published its second Seafood Stewardship Index, which was presented at Tokyo’s Sustainable Seafood Summit earlier this month.

Mowi maintained its #2 ranking in the Index and was found to be the best performing company in the ecosystem measurement area. This was down to the fact that 100% of our salmon farming operations have received third-party certification. We were also found to have leading practices on animal welfare, medicine use and the sustainable use of soya in our feed.

Speaking about the ranking in the Seafood Stewardship Index, Catarina Martins, Chief Technical Officer said: “We are proud to maintain our position in the Index. There is, of course always room for improvement and we will continue implementing our strategy to lead the Blue Revolution to achieve this.”

The Seafood Stewardship Index measures the world’s 30 most influential companies in the seafood industry on their contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Seafood plays a crucial role in nourishing populations and supporting livelihoods all over the world.

By controlling a significant portion of marine catch and aquaculture production as well as large parts of the seafood value chain, these companies can deliver a significant, unique and actionable contribution to the SDGs and food system transformation.

The Seafood Stewardship Index monitors the performance of those 30 companies to track progress towards these SDGs.

Helen Packer, Lead at Seafood Stewardship Index at WBA added: “When it comes to the environmental impact of fisheries and aquaculture, the Seafood Stewardship Index suggests that most companies are taking action, by trading products from sources that are certified or engaged in improvement projects. This year, the salmon giant Mowi leads the way on ecosystem impacts, with 100% of its salmon products being certified sustainable and providing comprehensive reporting on key aquaculture issues such as responsible feed production and animal welfare.”

Read more about the Seafood Stewardship Index here.