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May 23, 2019

Mowi will build new smokehouse in France


Mowi has decided to build a new, modern and efficient production unit at the Landivisiau site.

In July 2018, the Marine Harvest Kritsen processing plant was destroyed in an accidental fire. The Board of Mowi ASA has now decided to build a highly automated and modern smokehouse at the same site to replace the original plant.

France is one of the biggest salmon markets globally and the Board’s decision ensures the continuation of Kritsen’s and Mowi’s long tradition of producing high-quality smoked products in the country.

France is also one of the most sophisticated markets with a wide range of premium products, and the high-end market for smoked salmon in France continues to grow, led by branded products. Therefore, the Board has decided that the next launch of the MOWI brand will take place in France.

This plant, which will be key in the development of the MOWI brand in France, will offer the best conditions in terms of control over raw material, supply chain, processing and short distribution channels, essential elements to offer the French market top-quality and competitive products.

Production start in 2021

The construction of the plant will begin at the end of 2019 so that the first smoked salmon will be produced at the beginning of 2021. The volumes produced will be 2,000 tonnes per year at the time of the launch in January 2021 to reach 3,000 tonnes in January 2022. This will lead to the retention of 166 jobs.

“Thanks to this modern and efficient plant, we will be able to respond to the basic trends of the French smoked salmon market and meet the expectations of consumers who increasingly prefer products of superior quality, while offering the best industrial standards, from farming to distribution”, said Fabrice Barreau, Managing Director of Mowi Western Europe.