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Mar 25, 2020

Mowi’s 2019 Annual Report


This integrated report sets out how we run our business, describes our vision and ambition, our successes and our improvement areas in an open and transparent way.

At the end of the day, all of us working at Mowi have a clear and simple goal; we wish to produce affordable, high quality products in a sustainable way, and this report tells the story of how we work to accomplish that target.

2019 was another good year for Mowi with record high volumes in all business areas. We also made new important transformative steps in Feed, Farming and Sales & Marketing fortifying Mowi’s position as the world-leading seafood company.

Mowi’s success in 2019 was made possible by the hard work and competence of our nearly 15,000 employees. At Mowi we believe that the talent and commitment of our employees, supported by new technology and all the positive mega trends, are essential to our business case and will continue to be key to our future success.

After the successful brand launch in Poland we are ready for the big markets in France and the USA. The timing is right. We are ready to capitalise on our unique value chain and our outstanding product. With the transformation of the business to a global corporate brand we will be better positioned to improve our margins from our unique value chain. Our ambition is to produce more food from the ocean in a sustainable manner, and to see products such as MOWI on the plates of an increasing number of consumers.

Technology projects such as the collaboration with X, Alphabet’s innovation engine, to track and model fish behaviours, environmental conditions, and fish health using new camera technology and machine learning will be important tools going forward enabling a sustainable growth of sea farming.

At the time of the release of the annual report, the world is facing a severe global Coronavirus pandemic. At this time we cannot know how this will play out, however Mowi’s mission to provide sustainable and healthy food to the population is more important now than ever. We are confident that the world will recover from the crisis, meanwhile we must all contribute in whatever way we can to keep Mowi’s operations running while keeping our employees safe.

This annual report and other reports are available in our reports section.

Ivan Vindheim

CEO, Mowi