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Every single one of our 14,866 employees has a hand in us achieving our plan to Lead the Blue Revolution. We are always looking for ambitious, forward-thinking people who want to help us drive change, develop tomorrow’s technologies and safeguard the planet for future generations. Browse our huge range of worldwide opportunities below. Our job listings are regularly updated so if there’s nothing there for you today it’s worth checking back soon.

Vacancy Name Work Place Application Due
AUTOMATIKER / ELEKTRIKER Hjelmeland 2022-03-31
Assistant Farm Manager (Loch Duich) Scotland, Loch Duich 2022-01-28
Assistant Manager - Saltwater 2022-02-04
Automatiker eller Industrimekaniker / Automatician or Industrial Mechanic Eggesbønes Eggesbønes i Herøy kommune 2022-02-06
Business Analyst / Manufacturing Controller Duninowo 39 2022-01-31
Customs CSR Medley FL 2022-02-25
Deckhand 2022-02-04
Driftstekniker / Site Technicans Herand Herand, Ullensvang kommune 2022-02-01
Driftstekniker Stamfisk Sunnhordaland 2022-02-14
Engineering Administration Assistant Rosyth 2022-02-11
Farm Manager (Colonsay) Colonsay 2022-01-28
Farm Technician (Kingairloch) Kingairloch 2022-01-28
Farm Technician (Leven) Leven 2022-02-04
Fish Health Biologist West of Ireland 2022-02-18
Food Process Operators Scotland, Fort William 2022-06-30
General Application 2022-01-31
Hatchery Technician Northampton, NB 2022-02-04
Hygiene Technician - Klemtu Smokehouse Facility Campbell River, BC 2022-01-31
Industrimekaniker Nordheim Nordheim i Aure kommune 2022-02-13
Lærlinger / Apprentice Mowi Sør Agder PO1 - Rogaland PO2 - Hordaland PO3 2022-03-31
Marine Operative (Co. Mayo) Mayo, Ireland 2022-02-18
Marine Operatives ( Cork and Kerry) Castletownbere (Co. Cork) , Deenish ( Co. Kerry) 2022-02-18
Mekaniker / mechanic Herøy Herøy 2022-01-31
Open applications- Speculative- Ireland Ireland 2025-12-31
Planning & Logistics Support Assistant Scotland, Fort William
Post Smolt (RAS) Trainee Technician Scotland
Produksjonssjef Ferskvann/Production Manager Freswater Sandnessjøen/Bodø/Tromsø 2022-02-10
Prosjektleder / Project Manager Sandnessjøen/Bodø 2022-02-17
Shift Process Technician Kyleakin
Skipper (Nitrox) Scotland
Speculative Applications Scotland 2025-12-31
Systemansvarlig - Operasjonstekniske Programmer Ryfisk - Mowi Sør 2022-02-06
Veterinær/ Fiskehelsebiolog Trøndelag/Nordland Trøndelag/Sandnessjøen 2022-02-18
¿Quieres ser parte de la Revolución Azul en Mowi Chile? / Open Application Chile 2022-12-30

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