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Mowi endorses transparency and as part of our Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification, we are making certain information publicly available. Full ASC assessment reports and certificates of our sites can be found here.

Click on the name of the location to see the latest local ASC-report. Locations without links will be updates with reports shortly.

Our Irish ASC Dashboard can be found here!

Previously published ASC documents can be requested by sending an email to

You can find information about our lice counting on the BarentsWatch website.

Country Site
Norway - Region MidBeitveitnes
Norway - Region MidBekksnes
Norway - Region MidBjørlykkestranda
Norway - Region MidBremnessvaet
Norway - Region MidBrettingen
Norway - Region MidBrudevik
Norway - Region MidBrunsvik
Norway - Region Mid - Under AssessmentGrøttingsøya
Norway - Region MidGulestø
Norway - Region MidIndre Skjervøy
Norway - Region MidJuvika
Norway - Region MidKorsholman
Norway - Region MidKrabbestig
Norway - Region MidLille Torsøy
Norway - Region MidLille Torsøy II
Norway - Region Mid - Under AssessmentMannbruholmen
Norway - Region MidNørholmen
Norway - Region MidOksebåsen
Norway - Region MidPersflua
Norway - Region MidRogne
Norway - Region MidRundereinstranda
Norway - Region Mid Rønstad
Norway - Region MidRøysa
Norway - Region MidSagelva
Norway - Region MidSandvika
Norway - Region MidSkredstivik
Norway - Region MidTennøya
Norway - Region MidValøyan
Norway - Region MidVarden
Norway - Region MidVerpeide
Norway - Region MidVoldneset
Norway -Region SouthBuksevika
Norway -Region SouthDjupevik
Norway -Region SouthHalsavik
Norway -Region SouthHerøy
Norway -Region SouthKobbavik
Norway -Region SouthLindvik
Norway -Region SouthMunkholmen
Norway -Region SouthNapp
Norway -Region SouthPinnen
Norway -Region SouthSalvågvika
Norway -Region SouthSkipningsdalen
Norway -Region SouthSvåsand
Norway -Region SouthVindsvik
Norway - Region NorthBreivika N
Norway - Region NorthBreivika S
Norway - Region NorthFjellbukt
Norway - Region NorthFleina
Norway - Region NorthHjellberget
Norway - Region NorthJakobsteinsvika
Norway - Region NorthKalvika
Norway - Region NorthKines
Norway - Region NorthKvalvika
Norway - Region NorthLangskjæran
Norway - Region NorthLian
Norway - Region NorthLille Åsvær
Norway - Region NorthMatvika
Norway - Region NorthMefaldskjæret
Norway - Region NorthNedre Kvarv
Norway - Region NorthNordfugløy
Norway - Region NorthRakkenes
Norway - Region NorthRamnøy
Norway - Region NorthStorstrompan
Faroe IslandsOyndarfjordur
ChileAlao Sur
ChileRodado Notable
Chile - under assessmentQuitralco 7
Chile - under assessmentQuiltralco 6-2
Chile - under assessmentTortuga
  • 2019:
Chile - under assessmentPunta Cola
Chile - under assessmentSan Francisco
Chile - under assessmentHuelmo
Chile - under assessmentHuar Norte
Chile - under assessmentPuchilco
Chile - under assessmentCeres
Chile - under assessmentBobe
Chile - under assessmentButan 4
Canada WestAlexander
Canada WestAlthorp
Canada WestBull harour
Canada WestDoctor
Canada WestChancellor
Canada WestDoyle
Canada WestDuncan
Canada WestGoat Cove
Canada WestHardwicke
Canada WestHealth Bay
Canada WestHumphery
Canada WestMahatta East
Canada WestMarsh Bay
Canada WestMidsummer
Canada WestMonday Rocks
Canada WestOkisollo
Canada WestPhillips Arm
Canada WestSargeaunts Pass
Canada WestShelter Bay
Canada WestShelter Pass
Canada WestSonora
Canada WestWicklow
Norway - Region North - Under assessmentKines
Norway - Region North - Under assessmentMatvika
Norway - Region North - Under assessmentNedre Kvarv
Norway - Region North - Under assessmentKalvik
Norway - Region North - Under assessmentKvalvika
Norway - Region North - Under assessmentHjellberget
Norway - Region North - Under assessmentFjellbukt
Norway - Region North - Under assessmentJakobsteinsvika
Norway - Region North - Under assesment Feøyvika
Norway - Region North - Under assesment Istervika
Norway - Region North - Under assesment Slåttvika
Norway - Region North - Under assesment Mortenøy
Norway - Region North - Under assesment Kviteberg
Norway north Lian
Norway northMulnesodden
Norway northKjelneset
Norway northGeitryggen
Norway northDigermulen
Norway northBukkholmen
Norway northBrattholmen
Norway northBlomsøyråsa
Norway northAustvika
Norway northSteinflesa
Norway northRamstadholmen
Norway northOlderbakken
Ireland Integrated Pest Management Plan Ireland
ChileCentro Huar Sur - under assessment
ChileCentro Islote Abel - under assessment
ChileCentro Rada Achao - under assessment
ScotlandCarradale North
ScotlandMarulaig Bay