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Diversity and Equality

Mowi values the diversity of our work force and the valuable contribution it makes. We believe that a diverse work force gives us an advantage in our business operation, our access to future talent and maintaining our attractiveness as an employer.

Equal opportunities

We continuously work to create a workplace that is free from discrimination or harassment based on race, sex, colour, national or social origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion, or any other status protected by law and international human rights. Any recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, reward, and other advancement at the company is based on qualifications, performance, skills, and experience.

Our global diversity and inclusion program

At Mowi, the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are built into our Code of Conduct – fair, respectful, and ethical treatment of others is core to who we are. Our global diversity and inclusion program encompasses three strategic areas:

Seek diversity, create inclusion, and drive accountability. 

Mandatory training on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and personal bias remains integral to the onboarding program of every employee.

Diversity Day

Diversity Day aims to highlight the importance of an equitable and inclusive workplace, and to remind everyone of the benefits that diversity brings to us all.

With a focus on recognizing and celebrating the differences that make each of us unique; employees around the world were encouraged to review and reflect on how we each take responsibility for ensuring our workplace is welcoming to all.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitments to people are aligned with our Sustainability Strategy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Read more on this topic on our Sustainability pages.

Safe and meaningful workplace

  • Build a strong health and safety culture
  • Year-on-year reduction of LTI per million hr worked
  • Absence rate <4%
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