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Our sustainability programs

Safe and meaningful workplace


  • Health and Safety is the foundation of which our company is built on and will never be compromised
  • Our safety culture has resulted in fewer incidents and lower absence rates, as well as a strong safety culture, knowledge and care for people

Our Strategy

  • Focus on building competence and sharing knowledge and work systematically to both mitigate and respond to health and safety matters 9 Include health and safety in Leadership programs
  • Measure managers on their performance and we track and measure Health and Safety indicators monthly
  • Run mandatory Safety trainings on a regular basis
  • Run Global Employee Engagement Survey


  • Build a strong health and safety culture
  • Year-on-year reduction of LTI per million hr worked
  • Absence rate <4%


  • % of new employees that received compulsory safety trainings
  • LTIs per million hr worked
  • Absence rate

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