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Our culture

With a presence in 26 countries, we know that people are key to our success. Our shared company culture unites our diverse organization and inspires us to reach our common goals with a focus on safety and pride in the workplace and the communities where we operate.

Key Values

Passion for the company and the product: Passion is the key to our success and how we make a difference.

Change is the new “normal”: We are ready for change and work continuously to improve our operations.

Trust is essential in everything we do: Our operations provide safe, delicious, and healthy food, and we deliver on our promises.

Share underpins the performance of our employees: We share knowledge and experience, we are open and transparent, and we cooperate with key stakeholders globally.

ONE Mowi Operational Excellence Program

Our ONE Mowi operational excellence program is the guiding force behind our actions, aligning with our core values. It ensures a unified, one-company approach, enabling us to operate safely, effectively, consistently, and responsibly.

Ethical Business Conduct

All our employees in 26 different countries are committed to high ethical standards in our business dealings worldwide. To ensure this we expect our employees to make our Code of Conduct a personal commitment, as it provides direction and guidelines and clarifies where we draw the line. Our suppliers are required to take on the same commitment to comply with our Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets the standards of behaviour which we can expect from one another, and which external parties can expect from us. The Code of Conduct includes sections on whistleblowing, anti-fraud and anti-corruption, financial reporting, and regulatory compliance, as well as sections on safety, fair working conditions, culture, human rights, and sustainability.

To ensure that strong ethical business principles are upheld by management and employees the importance of ethical business standards and behaviour will continue to be communicated through our leadership development, training, and internal communication.

Our priorities

We continue with annual training on the Code of Conduct and actively encourage the reporting of concerns through our established internal and external whistleblowing channels. To ensure the upholding of strong ethical business principles by both management and employees, the importance of ethical business standards and behaviour is consistently communicated through our leadership development, training, and internal communication.

Our ongoing efforts to secure human rights in our operations and supply chain persist as we collaborate with our suppliers and maintain the implementation of our global supplier relationship management system. The goal remains to continually strengthen the efficacy of our human right’s due diligence process, focusing on prevention, mitigation, remedy, communication, and learning.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitments to people are aligned with our Sustainability Strategy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Read more on this topic on our Sustainability pages.

Sustainable feed

  • 100% traceability of feed raw materials
  • 100% of marine raw materials are certified (Marin Trust or equivalent)
  • 100% of soy is certified (ProTerra or equivalent)
  • Towards lower FCR
  • Towards lower carbon footprint of feed raw materials
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