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Our sustainability programs

Sustainable feed


  • Sustainable sourcing of feed raw materials is a key component of our sustainability strategy as it reduces the risk and volatility in our raw materials supply chain and a material topic to our stakeholders

Our Strategy

  • Ensure full traceability of our feed raw materials
  • Adhere to sustainable sourcing credentials such as Marin Trust and ProTerra
  • Use feeds that lead to lower feed conversion rations (FCR)
  • Reduce the climate footprint of feed raw materials


  • 100% traceability of feed raw materials
  • 100% of marine raw materials are certified (Marin Trust or equivalent)
  • 100% of soy is certified (ProTerra or equivalent)
  • Towards lower FCR
  • Towards lower carbon footprint of feed raw materials


  • % FM and FO Marin Trust or equivalent certified
  • % Soy ProTerra or equivalent certified
  • FFDR for meal and oil
  • FCR

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Annual Report Mowi’s Policy on Sustainable Feed