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Is farmed salmon as healthy as wild salmon?

Farmed salmon has just as much nutritional value as its wild counterpart. A lot of science and innovation has gone into perfecting the diets and living conditions of farmed salmon to make sure they as closely replicate their wild counterparts. While some may have personal texture and colour preferences that can influence a person’s impression of farmed and wild salmon, their tastes and nutritional profile are nearly identical. Both wild and farmed salmon are an excellent source of lean protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and other vital nutrients. Some even argue that farmed salmon is healthier than wild salmon because you can control its inputs. Where a wild salmon swims throughout the ocean and eats other wild fish and potentially other items that might be in the marine ecosystem, farmed salmon are fed a scientifically managed nutrition and diet, in which everything the fish ingests can be accounted for.


Yes, farmed salmon is safe to eat. Regulations and industry standards ensure that farmed salmon is carefully monitored for quality and safety. It’s regularly tested for contaminants and meets stringent food safety standards. ...
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Mowi’s sustainable salmon farming practices prioritize minimizing environmental impact. Efforts include controlling waste, managing water quality, and implementing responsible feed practices. Our farms adhere to stringent sustainability certifications to ensure they operate in an environmental...
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Salmon feed contains natural compounds like astaxanthin, which give salmon their pink hue. Whether farmed or wild, salmon get their color from their diet. Farmed salmon diets are carefully formulated to replicate the nutrients found in their natural diet, ensuring their color and nutritional quality...
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