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The construction of the Valsneset feed mill began in 2013 with production starting the summer of 2014.

The mill is based around two high-capacity production lines, with an annual capacity exceeding 400,000 MT. The factory operates 24 hours a day, more or less 365 days a year, except for a few planned maintenance shuts. We are around 70 employees at the factory, in a wide variety of roles, from Finance and Planning, to Production, Maintenance and Quality.

Local community information

Mowi Feed is a large and well known employer where our feed mills are located. It is important for us to work together with the local community, to minimize disturbances to our neighbors and to develop an attractive environment to live and work in. We want to be a “good neighbor” seen as a contributor to the community. With most of our employees living locally around our feed mills and a long term need to attract and maintain competence at our mills, we want to contribute to a positive development in the local community, helping also Mowi to develop.

We interact with the local community in many ways:

  • We keep an open and honest dialogue with local politicians, inviting them for regular meetings and update them on our plans and challenges, as well as listening to their feedback on our operation. When invited we also participate in local councils.
  • We participate (when available) in and support local organizations to develop businesses and attractivity to the area. We also try to buy locally, when price and quality are competitive.
  • We support local organizations with sponsorship, mainly aiming at activities for children and youth in the area.
  • We keep an open and honest dialogue with local news media.
  • We encourage our employees to engage locally and encourage everyone to contact the company if they got questions or concerns.
  • We regularly keep “open days” at our factories, inviting the public to visit us and see what we do, as well as to ask questions or raise concerns.
  • We keep a regular contact with local schools and invite them to visit our factories.
  • We are open and approachable when it comes to input from anyone in the local society.

Contact Valsneset

Contact Valsneset

We are happy to receive input and answer questions around our activity. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either by mail: