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Sourcing feed Raw Materials

Sourcing sustainable feed ingredients is crucial if we are to remain a front-runner regarding environmental responsibility. All ingredients, marine as well as plant based in origin, which are used in the production of our feeds, are fully traceable.

In terms of raw material development, we strive towards independence from specific raw material sources be they of marine origin or those derived from commodities including wheat, soya, corn, peas or beans etc. This will secure our cost competitiveness in the face of fluctuations in commodity markets and give us the power to catalyse change in the supply chain through our ability to switch between sustainable, responsible, solutions when circumstances dictate it. In seeking to expand our spectrum of available raw materials, we continue our efforts by validating promising candidates including those derived as by- or co-products from other feed, food and even non-food industries. Within this scope, we include products derived from insects, alcohol fermentation, CO2 capture and forestry.

Important focus areas

Maintain raw material flexibility

  • Developing the raw-material basket and ensuring availability of cost effective, safe and sustainable raw materials

Ensure optimal nutrient composition

  • Improving our understanding of the nutrient requirements of Mowi salmon

Diets enhancing fish robustness and product quality

  • Developing functional ingredients and better meeting the nutritional needs of Mowi salmon
  • Feed development to fine-tune product quality attributes

Work towards lower carbon footprint

  • Work with existing suppliers towards reducing the carbon footprint of feed raw materials
  • Developing new feed raw materials with a lower carbon footprint

To read more about Mowi sustainability goals and position, please visit our 
Sustainability section and our Leading the Blue Revolution Plan.


The Mowi goal is to provide a growing world population with delicious, healthy, and nutritious food from the ocean. To achieve that, Mowi Feed, sources feed ingredients in accordance with our responsible sourcing policy. We continue to develop the range of products, including freshwater, organic and cleaner fish diets. We are working towards the 2023 FAO global roadmap to achieve the SDG 2 without breaching the 1.5° C threshold.

Our policy on sourcing sustainable raw feed materials


All ingredients used in salmon feed shall have a traceability system in place

Marine raw materials

Our marine raw materials processed dorm whole fish will be sourced from suppliers who adhere to responsible fishery management practices and that are certified as sustainable (MSC, Marine Trust standard or similar) or part od Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs). Marine raw materials shall not originate from IUU catch or IUCN red listed fish species classified as endangered.

Vegetable raw materials

We support efforts to increase purchases of sustainability sourced vegetable raw materials. The soy used in our feed is 100% deforestation-free.

Modern slavery

Mowi has zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery ans human trafficking. Feed raw material suppliers shall have in place due dilligence controls to prevent modern slavery from occuring in their own operations and supply chains.


As a minimum, feed suppliers should be GLOBAL GAP certified by an accredited certification body (CB).

IUCN – International Union for the Conservation of Nature
IUU – Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported