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Healthy & fresh salmon orzo salad

15 min

What if I told you this dish only takes 15 minutes to make!
Grab your ingredients, set the timer and start cooking this fabulous salmon with creamy orzo, mushrooms and spinach.


Chicken broth
Heavy cream
Garlic powder
Salt and pepper
Sliced mushrooms
Baby spinach
Olive oil
Smoked salmon slices

  1. Stir broth, cream, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a large skillet
  2. Add mushrooms and orzo, cover and bring to the boil over high heat
  3. Stir in spinach, reduce heat to simmer, cover and cook until orzo is tender and sauce has thickened
  4. Mix in the salmon slices, tomatoes, capers and thinly cut radish to the orzo and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
    Serve and enjoy!

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