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Our sustainability programs

Diversity & Equality


  • The importance of diversity has already become acknowledged by organisations across the world
  • Organisations with a diverse workforce, have higher employee engagement, they are in a better position to attract the right talent and their financial performance is better
  • Mowi aims to attract, recruit and develop the best, independently of gender, age, ethnicity or other characteristics

Our Strategy

  • Focus on three areas: Seeking diversity, Creating inclusion and Driving Accountability
  • Driving the Diversity agenda is a responsibility of management, as a part of our leadership vision, where you lead being a role-model of openness and respect
  • Aim to get the basics right and create new solutions that support our diversity culture
  • Track progress: the success of our strategy is measured by the biennial global employee engagement survey and by compliance reporting


  • 30% women in leadership roles by 2025
  • 50/50 employee gender ratio by 2025
  • No significant differences between genders in Global Employee Engagement Survey


  • % of women in leadership roles
  • Employee gender ratio
  • Employee survey results per gender

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