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Our sustainability programs

Fish health & welfare


  • Caring about fish welfare is an ethical responsibility and an integral part of our business strategy as it can impact our productivity and reputation
  • Fish welfare is recognised as a long-term value driver for Mowi
  • We recognise the accepted Five Freedoms for animal welfare and adopt the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) definition of animal welfare

Our Strategy

  • Implement Mowi’s welfare policy
  • Increase disease prevention/resistance & survival
  • Implement global training
  • Implement global monitoring


  • By 2025, 99.5% survival in sea (average month)*
  • Reduction in antibiotic use from 2015
  • By 2023 minimum 50% of our stock with real time welfare monitoring
*Global Salmon Initiative methodology


  • Mortality %
  • Antibiotic use
  • % sites using global welfare assessment form
  • % of sites with real-time welfare monitoring

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