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Ethical business conduct


  • Ethical business conduct is a core element in our ability to engender trust and is an integral part of the Mowi Way
  • Mowi is committed to high ethical standards in our business dealings worldwide
  • We expect our employees to make our Code of Conduct a personal commitment and our Suppliers to comply
  • The Code of Conduct sets the standards of behavior which we can expect from one another and which external parties can expect from Mowi

Our Strategy

  • Continue our efforts to ensure full compliance with the Code of Conduct
  • Maintain an open and transparent culture,emphasizing good and timely communication
  • Promote reporting of concerns and incidents with regard to potential compliance matters


  • Full compliance with the Code of Conduct by employees and suppliers


  • % of employees trained and tested on CoC
  • # of whistle-blower cases raised and followed-up

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