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Our sustainability programs

Freshwater use


  • Freshwater is key to Mowi’s operations, both to farm our fish and to keep the high hygienic standards at our processing plants
  • The majority of freshwater in our business is used to produce the initial life stages of Atlantic salmon. Such production is done in countries and areas with no water scarcity

Our Strategy

  • Focus on increasing freshwater use efficiency at our processing plants without compromising the high standards of hygiene we are committed to
  • Continue to invest where possible to improve water use efficiency through technological innovations at our freshwater farming sites


  • By 2025, achieve a reduction of 10% on water intensity at our processing plants located in medium-high water scarcity risk*

* Using 2018 as reference year



Freshwater use/tonne of fish processed

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Annual Report Mowi’s Policy on Freshwater and Wastewater management CDP Water Security Questionnaire 2023